Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving shenanigans and only a week and a half left!

Heeeey everyone!!

Another week has passed here at the MTC, and I believe I am beginning my 5th week! I only have one more P-day after this one!! Whaaaat that's INSANE.

Anyways, lots happened this week and I don't have much time so this one might be a little brief. I also wanna try to send some pictures and that ALWAYS eats time up. 

So first things first: THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for all of the sweet Dear Elders that day :) It was a strange day, but definitely the best one I've had in the MTC thus far! Elder Bednar spoke in Devotional and it was like Q&A style, and they handed out like 70 cell phones and we all texted in our questions. It was weird holding a cell phone again....I can't believe it's been a month since I had even touched one. Craaazy. Anyways, it was really enlightening and he's a fantastic speaker. Singing Come Thou Fount was also soooo cool. In the words of Elder Davenport, "I thought on that last note that all of us were just gonna be translated into heaven" haahahahaha but really it was AWESOME. I love that hymn. After Devotional we went to our thanksgiving "lunch/dinner" and the food was SO DISGUSTING. The turkey was questionable and everything was smelly. But that's nothing really out of the ordinary at the MTC cafeteria. Then, we went to a Thanksgiving program thing that was really casual and fun and Elder Hunt played violin and it was SO GOOD. It made me miss clarinet a lot though. Anyways, then we had a sack dinner (yes, my real Thanksgiving dinner was actually a sandwich and chips....) and then we walked to the temple which was great because while we were there this sweet hispanic family came up to us and gave us little bags of candy which apparently were put together by the Orem Spanish ward (WHICH IS IN MY AREA!! :) ) So I talked to the family and told them I was serving in Provo and they said they love their sisters. They also said their sisters don't have cars (maybe I'll get lucky and I'll be a walking missionary and MAYBE I won't gain a thousand pounds on my mission). But anyways, they were really sweet people and it made me soooo so excited for my mission because those are the exact people I'm gonna be serving with. After all that we did a service project where we had to wear ridiculous and ugly hairnets and put together meals (I might send some pictures) but anyways our district sang primary songs the whole time and one of the service coordinators took a video on her phone hahaha it was super cute. The best part of the whole day was the evening though. We all watched Meet The Mormons!! And they handed out yummy popcorn and it almost felt like I was at home again with my family. Then, after the movie they said they had a surprise for the missionaries so we went outside into the courtyard and they plugged in all of the christmas lights!! It was so beautiful I wanted to cry. I'm so excited for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, the sisters in my room and I tried to make jello and we stuck it out the window to harden it and it WORKED. Hahaha kinda gross, buuuut yeah. It's not snowing here though and it's been strangely warm which makes me slightly sad... 

So let's seeeeeeee what other things have been happening. Spanish is getting harder. Grammar sucks a lot. Some days I feel like I have it but then when I teach a lesson I just scrap all the grammar and fall back onto the basics which is really annoying and makes me feel like I will never, ever learn Spanish. It's getting super overwhelming. 


Okay. So. 
Our district was learning how to teach the Law of Chastity (yeah. kinda awkward) but anyways we were in the middle of practicing teaching each other when I see Elder Weddle shake up a bottle of Orange Juice that belonged to Hermana Green. Hermana Green grabs it back from him, opens it, and it just EXPLODES. Like you would think it was coke or something, it was just foaming everywhere, and juice got ALL OVER the walls and ALL OVER the ceiling and chalkboard and carpet. We were DYING. Like, I had always heard the orange juice here was sketchy but now I truly believe that it should not be  ingested under any circumstance. It was so bad, and it got all over Hermana Flood, who was wearing a white skirt. It was hilarious. 

Another cool thing...for Relief Society on Sunday SHERI DEW came and spoke to us. Now, I know what you're thinking. Sheri Dew is a lady that used to be in the general presidency of something or another, and she's just another lady Savannah will most likely fall asleep to. FALSE. Sheri Dew is literally who I want to be when I'm here age. She spoke clearly and concisely, she's the CEO of Deseret I'm pretty sure, and she's just an AMAZING woman. She spoke about Women and the Priesthood (yeah, most people stay far away from that topic) but it was fabulous because she just NAILED IT. We as sister missionaries have authority from our Stake Presidents and mission presidents to be representatives of Jesus Christ and we have access to the Priesthood. I could write a million paragraphs about it but it was awesome. I love this church. 

For Devotional on Tuesday we had VOCAL POINT. Yeah, like the adorable accapella group from BYU. They blew my mind, they were so amazing at singing and speaking. It touched my heart. And also, Hermana Green's cousin was the producer so I got to meet him and his mom (her aunt) who is in MOTAB. That is just a family of singers cause Hermana Green is amazing at singing too. 

A word about Hermana Green-SHE WENT TO SCHOOL IN EUREKA CALIFORNIA AND SHE KNOWS SIERRA(my cousin)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE TALKED ABOUT IT FOREVER AND MY MIND IS BLOWN!! It's such a small world!!!!

I got a package from Dad on Tuesday also, which was AMAZING. I got tons of food and a gorgeous ring (dad-I'm wearing it right now!!!) It made my whole entire week. 

You guys have no idea how much missionaries love mail. We love everything. We love getting emails on P-day. We love letters. We love packages. We love dear elders. Even if it's tiny, it means the world to us and it can make a horrible day go to a great day in moments. So please keep writing!! 

Spiritual thought for this week....
"The Sin of Mediocrity"
Our AMAZING teacher, Hermano Lund gave us this thought for this week. 
Are we cheating ourselves of the potential we have, the potential that Heavenly Father has for us? I learned this week the reason why I decided to come on a mission. It was more clear to me than ever before. Heavenly Father has big plans for all of his children and he doesn't want you to fail. Hno Lund said that the difference between a mediocre missionary (or regular person) and an excellent one are VERY small things. Things like reading your scriptures, praying more, waking up on time, being obedient in all things, serving others, even just SMILING at others. That's what makes you an excellent person and  I PROMISE Heavenly Father will fill in the rest. 

I have so much more to say but I want to send pictures so I'll go ahead and finish this. 
I love being a missionary! I love this gospel, keep sending me dear elders, I only have a week and a half left to get them so SEND THEM IN! ;) 

I love you ALL. So much.

Hermana Segle 

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