Thursday, December 11, 2014

Last P-Day in the MTC!

Hey everyone......

This week has been interesting, to say the least. It's been pretty uneventful, so this email will probably be short. 

I've had a lot of hard days this week. With everyone getting their flight information and what not this past week I was starting to feel a little down on myself about my mission call so it's just been like a weird, kinda bummed out feeling. But it's okay! I am muuuuuuuuuy animada for my mission, I just think being in the MTC is hard sometimes with everyone going different places. I'm sure once I'm in the field I will be totally fine. 

It's also been a weird week because this is our last week together as a district, and we're all really unsure about how we feel about it. The other district in our zone left last week, so it was just our district until we got new elders yesterday. We've all sort of had this unspoken rule in the classroom that no one was gonna talk about how we're all leaving each other on Monday. It's going to be a really, really difficult weekend for all of us since we have pretty much become family. I've never gotten so close to people in such a short amount of time in my whole life, and they have all honestly changed my life in so many ways. Also the fact that we are all going to different places makes it really hard to say goodbye. It's funny how close you can get to people when you spend about 12 hours a day with them for 6 weeks. Also the fact that I feel completely NOT ready to teach real people totally in Spanish is kind of freaking me out a lot. 

Today we got up really early and did laundry so we could go to the Temple with our teacher, Hermana DiCarolo. It was great, and today's been pretty good so far! Sorry this email is all over the place....

On Sunday it was fast sunday, so we were all starving that day. I was really super tired that day though because me and Hermana Anderson accidentally stayed up reeeal late talking about our missions and what not, but I didn't even mind. Hermana Anderson is a lot like me, so I connect with her really well and she's such a sweet person. Anyways, during sacrament meeting I played piano (it was bound to happen eventually) and it went pretty well seeing as I haven't played piano in SO long. We watched the Christmas Devotional that evening, buuuuuut it was so hard to pay attention. The great part about that evening was a talk that we watched from a Thanksgiving MTC devotional in 2012. It was by Elder Holland and it was literally amazing. He talked about how we are in the last dispensation, and how ancient prophets (like in the BOM) KNEW they were going to lose, but they saw a future of us as missionaries, and knew that we were finally going to be the dispensation that's gonna win, no matter what. I wish you all had the access to watch it, because it is truly amazing. I had never seen Elder Holland cry so much during a talk. He also gave the most powerful testimony of Joseph Smith that I have ever heard. Also, please read D&C 133: 44-53 and keep in mind that we cannot leave our brother, Jesus Christ treading alone. We need to help him through sharing the amazing message of this gospel. 

Another kind of emotional night this week was Devotional on Tuesday. I was NOT expecting it to be, and I was kind of ready for a lame devotional with boring speakers buuuuut. After the first speaker, they had a special musical guest. Her name is Lexie Walker, and she's 10 years old and literally has the voice of an angel. She's sung with David Archuleta, sung in Carnegie Hall, sung for the President, etc. etc.... but for some reason she started singing and I started thinking of my sweet sisters and I just started crying out of the blue! (i swear I'm not depressed hahaha) but it was just so hard to see a 10 year old that reminded me so much of my sister and at the end of her songs, she came up and spoke about how she wanted to be a sister missionary some day, and it was just amazing. The rest of the devotional wasn't too good but that little girl definitely stole my heart and stomped on it haha. 

I guess this week has also been hard because I haven't really gotten many letters or emails. I'm so so so soooo grateful for the dear elders I've gotten but I guess it's all good. I only have today and tomorrow and Monday to receive dear elders and after that it'll only be letters and emails soo it would be so cool if I got some! 

Anyways, I'm leaving the MTC on Tuesday at 4:15 PM. Me and my companion are the last ones to leave, and we'll be alone all day on Tuesday. Everyone else had flights that were really early either monday or tuesday morning, and then there's us. It'll be a sad day for sure. I'm sure we'll just try to get to know the new elders and help them with their Spanish. I've started packing a little bit and it's so crazy to me that it's already been 6 weeks. It feels like I've spent my whole life here but it also feels like I just got here yesterday. It's a really weird feeling. But anyways, I'll be teaching some of my last lessons today, and then we have a crazy long in-field orientation all day tomorrowand that's not gonna be fun at all. Then after we have a Secret Santa party on Saturday night,and then we're basically done. So crazy. 

1 month down, 17 more to go!

Write me por favor!
Sorry for the lame email!!

Hermana Segle

PS I'll attach some photos in another email.

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