Monday, December 15, 2014


Hey everyone!

So it turns out that you are allowed to email the day before you depart for your mission, so here I am! This weekend has been interesting, but lots of really cool and spiritual things have happened. 

On Saturday night we had our Secret Santa party and we all exchanged our little gifts that we had made. I had Hermana Anderson, and I copied a poem out and laminated it for her to take on her mission. Elder Hunt had me, and he printed out a picture of our district, where everyone had written sweet little notes which was soo nice, i loved it. It was such a fun evening, even though we had just finished our last class together and things were starting to come to a close. I also got a surprise package from the family!! (the grandparents, Aunt Kim and Uncle Brian, Chandler, and Chelsey's family!) It was SO cute it made my day! I needed that little box of sunshine that day and I'm so grateful for that. Also, after we all said goodbye to Hermano Lund, Elder Mills did one last haka for us. It was really emotional. In New Zealand, I think they often do the haka for those they love to show their strong appreciation and love for them, so it was amazing. Everyone was crying, and there are really no words to describe how beautiful it was. 

Sunday was such a rough day. The elders had a bet going to see how many times I would cry that day, hahaha it was no fun. I walked into our classroom, and the whole board had been erased, including our goals and everything we'd written on it over the and for some reason that made me so sad! But anyways, before sacrament meeting we had a meeting with our Branch President, and he taught us how to get out of duct tape if we ever get kidnapped (Yeeaaaah it was kinda strange, but helpful!) He also talked to us awhile about our missions and meeting our mission president and what not, so that was really helpful. We had sacrament meeting, which was fantastic. At the end our whole district sang Nearer My God to Thee, but by that time I definitely couldn't make it through without a small breakdown. Elder Hunt played violin for us, and it was just a really awesome experience. 

Oh, i totally forgot to mention that when we woke up that morning it was SNOWING! It was amazing. We had all been praying for one last snowfall before everyone left, and Heavenly Father definitely answers prayers. After lunch we (Hermana Beggs, Ybarra, Green, Elder Mills, Weddle, and I) had a "snowball" fight which was SO fun!! Of course, by the end of the evening all of the snow had melted, but it was amazing while it lasted. After sacrament we walked to the temple one last time and took some pictures. Then, we had our "last supper" (it was actually really gross so I had my usual bowl of cereal) 

Our devotional last night was super good. First of all, Elder Hunt played a prelude piece on violin for the whole MTC which was super cool and soooooo good. The whole devotional was a program by the BYU Men's Chorus, and it was amazing. They sang lots of really cool songs, and they are just super talented.It was such a good last devotional.  

Alright, here comes the worst part of this weekend.....
After devotional we all went back to our classroom one last time. We went around and had a small testimony meeting, which was super cool. It was really nice to hear everyone's testimonies and why they decided to come on a mission. They all have changed my life, and they are all some of my closest friends now. After the testimony meeting, we all got blessings, which was probably the best part of the evening. (even though i was ugly crying through the whole thing). Elder Weddle gave me my blessing, and I know that every word he said came straight from my Heavenly Father. He told me that I am exactly where I need to be, and even though I had doubts and trials before my mission, that once I'm there, all of those won't matter anymore. He said that my personality will touch so many lives in Provo, and to always keep a smile on my face, even through the hard times. It was one of the most spiritual moments I have ever had here at the MTC. I'm so grateful for the elders in my district and that great power they have to bless us with comfort when we really need it. It was amazing how personal each blessing was for each person. They all got what they needed to hear, and it blew my mind. This church is SO true. 
After blessings we all started to part our separate ways. One of the hardest things I've done so far here was walking out of that building away from these people that I have grown to love so much. 
This morning, we woke up at 2:15AM to see Hermana Green and Ybarra off to Ecuador, and we stayed up until 3:30 to see Hermana Anderson and Flood off too. It was so difficult to say goodbye to them. When I tried to go to sleep that night, I thought I would surely just cry myself to sleep, but I suddenly felt like I had someone right there beside me, comforting me, telling me things were really going to be okay, and i felt at peace. It was amazing. But when I woke up at 6:30 I stood up, wondering why the others weren't waking up, when I looked over and saw their empty beds I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry because it was suddenly so real. 

Today it's just me, Hermana Beggs, Elder Hunt, Davenport and Mills today. Elder Mills leaves in an hour and a half, and then by tomorrowit'll just me and Hermana Beggs. 

I have to go now, I'm kinda freaking out but I'm also really excited. I don't have my address to my mission home, but my parents should have it if anyone wants to send me letters. 

I love you all so much! 

Hermana Segle

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