Friday, December 5, 2014

Highlights from my second week at the MTC!

Hola everyone!!! 

I can hardly believe that it's P-day again!!! The days seem to go by so slow but so fast at the same time. I love not being the newbie anymore, my whole district has this thing now where if we see a new person at the MTC we see who can say "WELCOME TO THE MTC" in a really loud obnoxious voice first. I've won a few times :) We love wednesdays for that reason alone. 

So, let's see....

Friday: We got a new teacher!! His name is Hermano Lund and he was the guy pretending to be our investigator Francisco. He is literally sent from heaven he is such an amazing teacher. He served in the cold part of Chile and he is the BEST teacher we have had so far (we've had about 9 teachers in our district since we've gotten here and apparently that's very unusual...) 

Saturday: We practiced teaching the Plan of Salvation with an elder in our district, Elder Mills (from New Zealand) and it was such a great experience! It boosted some of my teaching confidence. Hermano Lund taught us a lesson on how to cope with stress in the mission field and it was SO GOOD. We ran downstairs and did wall-sits and recited Our Purpose in Spanish and it really got our minds going again. (We are in a classroom for about 9-12 hours a day, so we get a little restless...)then, he read us a poem entitled "he's been there before" by i think troy whittle but if ANY of you could find it and send it to me ASAP that would be wonderful. It made all of us hermanas cry. 

Sunday: RAN INTO LEXIE JEPPSON AT RELIEF SOCIETY!! She was singing for the musical number and it was BEAUTIFUL. And I turned to my companion and i said "I think that's my roommate from BYUI" and it WAS! I think she's leaving for Hungary soon but she is still just as great as ever and it was so cool seeing her. Me and my comp taught our district lesson on Sunday about faith and it was honestly the best lesson I've ever taught, the spirit was so strong during that lesson and I got so much closer to my district. We had a devotional, then watched the Joseph Smith movie (it's SOOO GOOD every single time) anyways though, during the devotional Hermana Anderson had a cyst pop in her abdomen and she was in so much pain but she didn't want to tell anyone until after and so she got a priesthood blessing from Elder Hunt and Elder Davenport and it was truly amazing to see how that kind of service blesses people. It was amazing to watch. She's feeling better now though, so that's good. But it was a little scary.

Monday: We slept in since we were up late with Hermana Anderson and it felt SOOO GOOD! We taught Adrian another lesson, and it went a little better. We also did a new TRC with members, and it started out horribly but by our second lesson it was great. I finally got some Dear Elders today, so that was super nice. 

Tuesday: We were taught by a teacher named Hno Wolffe (who served in N. Carolina!!) but it was AMAZING. He is an amazing teacher and we learned about how to connect with people when we first meet them and during our first lesson and we practiced that a lot . After lunch, we were kind of restless again so me and some of the elders and hermanas talked about TV shows for like an hour and a half hahaha....
But also we had devotional and we sang in the choir again, we sang Jesus Once of Humble Birth, then Linda K burton talked to us. It was a good devotional. I didn't fall asleep (I usually fall asleep when women talk in general conference) so that was good!!! 

Wednesday: For service we raised the flags outside of the MTC!!! So cool!!! There are 32 and we got to pick them all out. (so naturally we chose a canadian flag, an ecuadorian flag, and a new zealand flag) Then we taught Adrian again, and it went well. We talked about the Plan of Salvation, and next time we're gonna more in depth about the Atonement so I've been studying that a lot. We then had a party for an hermana in our district, Hermana Hanna, her boyfriend sent in like 2 cakes and sparkling cider so that was fun!! Then we taught our new investigator, Lauro. (acted out by Hno Lund) and that went really well!!

So let's see...overall it was a really great week. My spanish is still coming along slowly but surely. I'm almost done memorizing the First vision!! woohoo!!!

Anyways I'm gonna end this now so I can get started on attaching some pictures!!

Love you all!! the gospel is so true!!! Send me letters!!!


Hermana Segle :)

PS pictures are coming!

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