Friday, December 5, 2014

1st Week at the MTC!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!

First of all, it started snowing as soon as I walked over here so that's pretty exciting.

Second, my P-days are on THURSDAYS. Not Mondays. Lo Siento.

Third, SEND. ME. LETTERS. PLEASE. :) It's much easier to just communicate through letter writing and I get those every day here. (also  dear elders are super nice too) 

Anyways, soooo wow it's kinda stressful trying to tell you guys EVERYTHING when i only have like an hour, so I'll try to cover as much as I can. The first week has definitely been great but also overwhelming. When I first got here, I dropped my stuff off and went straight to my class, where the teacher was speaking all in Spanish but I felt pretty cool cause I understood most of what he was saying. Other than that I remember nothing about my first day. It was basically a blur. 
The food isn't very good, so whoever has been telling me the food is amazing at the MTC you're wrong cause I'm super grossed out by most of it (and my companion got food poisoning on like the second day and she was throwing up all morning). Luckily, I'm a picky eater and didn't eat what she had but still. Que asco. 

We wake up every morning around 6, and my apartment does the early morning fitness classes for sisters which is pretty fun! It's soooo weird that I have a badge now and I basically don't have a first name, but I'm getting used to it. 

OKAY. SO. MY DISTRICT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I know everyone says that about their district but I'm completely serious. We're all going different places (except me and my companion are both going to Provo) and we're all weirdos but in the best way. One of the Elders is from New Zealand and he's going to Australia SPANISH SPEAKING. He said there were only like 8 missionaries speaking spanish there so that's totally crazy. The other two are going to Philly and then one other one is going to Mexico. Two sisters are going to Ecuador, and then one is going to Chicago and one is going to California. Anyways though, our district is SOOO tight already. They've really kept me going and kept me from being sad and homesick. I love each of them so much. We're doing secret santas as a district and Elder Mills (the one from NZ) is teaching us the Haka. So cool!!!! 

Let's see...what else. Well, you would all be proud to know that I have taught over 5 lessons to investigators TOTALLY in spanish. I can pray in Spanish, and I can bear my testimony in Spanish and everything! Our first investigator's name is Francisco, and he's pretty cool. But then Last week we got TRCs which are also investigators (I think both of mine are really members though, they're just acting) and our TRC is named Adrian. He's about 22 and goes to BYU but he stresses me out a lot because he's just kinda overwhelming and asks a lot of questions we don't know the answers to. In fact, yesterday was one of the bad days because it was so long and we had to teach 2 lessons. But Adrian's lesson went horribly and we hardly got to get to our lesson and when we got back to our classroom I was just sorta upset and down on myself and crying a little bit so that was no fun. But our lesson with Francisco yesterday went much better than Adrian's. 

The Spirit is seriously SO strong here. I've learned more Spanish in one week than I learned in 4 years of High School Spanish, and I know that's because I have quite a lot of help, and that I was set apart to be able to do this which is super awesome. We also have an awesome branch presidency and each week we have to prepare a talk in spanish and they randomly pick someone which normally I would be scared about but I'm glad I'm being exposed to speaking in front of people. On Sunday, we had a sweet devotional and our district watched Elder Bednar's talk, "The Character of Christ" and all I can really say is GO FIND IT AND READ IT. It had me crying like crazy it was so powerful and so great, it made me want to be a better person and a better missionary. HOLY COW I AM A MISSIONARY?? That's still so weird to think about!

Oh, also my district is pretty musical and we all sang in the choir for devotional on Tuesday and we sang Praise to the Man which was AWESOME! I love it here. Some days. If I didn't have such an awesome district I would definitely be having a much worse time. 

Dad-I'm trying really hard to read my scriptures in Spanish but it's SO HARD. I've only gotten through like 4 verses because I really wanna get to know all of the words. But I'm getting there. Everyone loves the bag you gave me by the way, and it makes me miss you. 

Having to stay with a companion all the time is kind of weird and difficult for me because I'm sort of a fast walker and yeah I don't know, everything about that is just hard to adjust to, but it's okay. 

My teachers here have been amazing too!! Our main teacher is Hermana DiCarolo, who is from Italy, served her mission in Spanish speaking california, and she is AWESOME!! She is a tiny little lady and she inspires me and teaches me so much. 

Oh, another weird thing is that all the hermanas are like older than our zone leaders and older than the elders. Super weird. Also I'm senior companion! woohoo. 

I miss all of you so so so very much. I know this gospel is true, and I love the Lord with all my heart. I know I'm where I'm supposed to be and  I know the Lord is looking out for me all the time. He's answered so many of my tiny little prayers this week. In fact, after one hard day I remember I laid in my bed and taped to the top of the bunk was a little post it note that had a scripture on it, and I think it was the one that was like "bear with patience thine afflictions" and it was SO COOL. Like I've never received revelation so quickly. The MTC is amazing like that. I hope you are all doing well and I'm so sorry this email is so random and weird but I'm still trying to get a hang of the whole thing. Also, my english has started getting worse as I learn Spanish. It's so weird. 

TE AMO!!! I love you, I love this gospel, and I miss you so much!!!! 

AGAIN. WRITE ME LETTERS POR FAVOR! It's easier to explain stuff. 


Hermana Segle

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