Monday, March 23, 2015

Week week till transfers!

Hey everyone!!

This week was one of the greatest weeks on my mission so far!! It was
SOO good!!! I can't believe that I've been here for a transfer
already, time is going by really super fast and I'm not sure how I
feel about it haha.

Anyways though, this week we had over twice as many lessons as last
week!! It was so great!

On Tuesday we went to visit Vero, Josue's wife and have a
lesson with her. She's one of the sweetest girls ever! She'd been
having some doubts about Joseph Smith so I had the idea to watch the
full length Joseph Smith movie with her and we went over the
restoration with her. It was a fantastic lesson, and I think it was
good to review everything with her because it had been awhile since
she had been taught that. It was cute cause she got all excited about
the movie and made popcorn and got us drinks and set up a table and
everything (including hot sauce! I think I'm meant to be Hispanic
cause hot sauce on popcorn is the and I've been doing that
since I was little!). Anyways, unfortunately we had to watch it in
English but she still understood it. The spirit during the movie and
during the rest of the time we talked to her was so strong and I was
reminded again of how beautiful early church history really is and the
amazing sacrifices so many people made because of their firm faith in
Jesus Christ and in the restoration. After the movie, I was super
emotional for some reason and though I contribute in every lesson we
have, this time was different cause this time I bore my testimony of
The restoration and of Joseph smith as a prophet in Spanish and I
couldn't get through it without getting choked up. It was crazy haha.
Vero is a special person and I can tell she's close to being able to
truly accept this in her life which makes me so happy.

On Wednesday we had a trainers meeting up in Provo (it's like an hour
drive) and it was pretty good! President talked to us and our trainers
about how things were going and what not. He's such an amazing man but
sadly in July we'll be getting a new mission president (or I might be
in the Orem mission, I guess we'll see!) anyways though, after the
meeting we grabbed something to eat at this super yummy burger-ish
place in provo called tommy's burgers. While we were getting our food
a woman asked us about where we were from everything and then she
asked for our parents' numbers so she could call our parents and tell
them how great we're doing. It was really sweet of her, but kinda
random. After we got our food the cook told us that missionaries don't
have to pay there (my first freebie on my mission! Provo is a lot
different from Eagle Mountain haha).
The best part about Wednesday though was when we got back home, and
had a lesson with our recent convert Alma. We wanted to talk to her
about temples because we want her to go to the temple soon. She was a
little nervous in the past about baptisms for the dead, but the more
she learns the more comfortable she is. So in this lesson we decided
to show her a video with different families talking about how the
temple blesses their lives and it was a very powerful video. After the
video ended we talked to her about how we can be with our families
forever through this gospel and through temples. Her husband is less
active and she has two children, Alizé and Junior, and she loves her
family a lot. As we were talking, I looked up at her and saw that
tears were running down her face. She explained to us that she lost a
baby a few years ago and for a very long time had guilt about it
because she told Heavenly Father that she didn't want another baby so
she felt like it was her fault. We explained to her that it wasn't her
fault, that some souls just simply need to get a body and then
heaven,y father wants them back with him. We told her she will be able
to raise that baby and that the baby will be with her family forever.
She seemed like she was hearing the comfort she had been needing to
hear for years. It was so powerful. I remember we got back in the car
and as I drove up to our driveway back home both me and Hermana
Gonzalez just looked at each other and teared up and started crying
because we both felt how important that lesson was to Alma. I had a
renewed sense of gratefulness for the knowledge I have that my family
who I love so much will be together forever, and how absolutely
perfect heavenly fathers plan is. He loves us SO much.
That evening, our dinner appointment cancelled but our landlords
somehow figured it out that we didn't have dinner so they fed us
lasagna haha which was super sweet.

We also taught Mariana and her two kids, Hailey and Christopher. We've
been doing a lot for her to help her remember to read her scriptures.
We made them brownies and dropped them off at her house, and on
Saturday we wrote in chalk "don't forget to read!!" It was such a
blast hahaha

On Sunday my companion and I were asked to share our experiences of
why we went on a mission in sacrament meeting. I wrote mine out, and
it was really scary but I made it through haha then I had to teach
music in the primary again (I think it's like my second calling now
haha jkjk) but it was still fun.

So some food adventures this week......
I ate some delicious enchiladas at the Dushane house. The Dushanes are
a family in our Ward. Sister Dushane is from Mexico City and her
husband is totally white and they have two little boys (one of them
had a ski accident the other weekend which is why we had to teach
sharing time the other Sunday) but anyways her husband is so funny he
is fluent in Spanish obviously and he's the young men's president and
they're just such a cute family!

I also had some sort of Argentinian pie thing at the Villegas house
which seemed a little sketchy cause like boiled eggs and green olives
in it BUT I powered through and ate it and it was pretty good!

We also had chiles rellenos at Mariana's house which was....well it
was a struggle cause it was really slimey but I ate more than half of
it! Hahaha

Oh I also had some fantastic chicken and rice and horchata at sister
Serna's house! MMMMM so yummy.

Oh something else cool-I was able to message Anaid (Josue's 17 year
old daughter) on facebook and see how she's doing. She's meeting with
the elders in California which is AWESOME!! I got so excited talking
to her, I miss her so much haha

Anyways this week was just really fantastic and I love everything
about being a missionary!!
I love this gospel and I love you all.

Hermana Segle :)

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