Monday, March 23, 2015

This week!!!

Well, this week was pretty fun! Luckily, a lot less eventful than last week. 

Monday we had a very interesting start to our day. We were both super anxious to find out about transfers, and at around 8 in the morning our phone starts ringing. Both of us are freaking out cause usually president calls us when we are receiving a leadership position or if we are training. So, I answered the phone in English assuming is was President. However, on the other line was this hysterical Mexican woman who was crying and it was super hard to understand her Spanish (I have a hard time understanding Spanish on the phone anyways buuuut I was completely lost on this one.) what we got from it was that basically she was needing something to eat and she had some sort of injury. So, we frantically called the first person we could think of (Sister Berta) and gave her this woman's number to call her and figure out what was going on. Sister Berta understood about the same amount as us, so she put some food together really quick and we all went over to this woman's house. It turns out, this woman's name is Sarita and she was one of the former investigators in our area book. However, when we were going to try to knock her door about a month ago, there was a huge sign on it that said "THIS IS A CATHOLIC HOME. We do not need any other literature." We got a super bad vibe and went and tried another door. Anyways, we brought the food over and she was so grateful. She had just had surgery and all she had to eat was sweet food like fruit and such and she really needed something savory. She was super old but I think the medicine they had her on kinda messed with her emotions so while I was making small talk with her she just randomly started crying haha it was super awkward! 
Then later we found out who was getting transferred (Elder Shields and Sister Diuguid) and we decided to do a super fun district activity for their last one. The English sisters had a member rent those huge inflatable ball things that you get inside of and push people around in. We were supposed to all play soccer with them, but ended up just running around knocking people down and flipping around. It was SO MUCH FUN. Funnest district activity yet. After that we finally got around to doing weekly planning and that took up most of the rest of the day. 

Tuesday we went and brought more food to Sarita and this time we actually taught her a small lesson! We shared a scripture about faith and she talked to us about what faith was to her. She said she knew God never left her alone because He sent her us to help her when she needed it. It's so amazing how Heavenly Father works because maybe earlier she wouldn't have let us in her home, but she needed help and she just happened to find our pass along card and called us. Hopefully she'll be more open and we can touch her heart through more service. I think this is one of the miracles we're seeing after having gone through that car accident last week.  On Tuesday we also went over to the Andrews house to help Jonelle pack for her mission because her mom was up all night sick and Jonelle was super stressed out and was supposed to report to the MTC on Wednesday. It was fun, but man I am so glad that part of my mission is over (the packing and saying goodbye and stress). Later that night we taught Mariana a small lesson and recorded some funny videos with Leilani and Bryanna. 
However, that night when we got home I got very sick and ended up staying up all night with some sort of stomach flu. It was not fun and when we woke up in the morning I told my companion and we decided it would be best to stay in that day. We were supposed to have a correlation meeting with Brother Otero but we told him I wasn't feeling well and he ran to the store and got me lots of Gatorade, herbal tea, and saltines. It was so sweet! I slept a lot of the day but the English sisters had transfers that day and on the way home, Sister Funaki with her new companion Sister Edstrom stopped and got lunch and dropped it off at our house. I couldn't eat any of it, but it was very sweet of them!
Later that night, I needed some fresh air so we decided to go find our lost hubcap that was up the mountain. We found it, took some pictures, and came back down. We called the Elders to help put it back on and met the new Elder, Elder Fenton! 

Thursday I was feeling a lot better, we began teaching Vero the new member lessons (I know, it's been a crazy few weeks). I think she's a master at the Restoration by now :) 
That night we had dinner with Alma (we had Alfredo pasta and chicken-Having a white companion means having less Mexican meals for some reason :(((()  it was still amazing, but we haven't had authentic food in awhile. Anyways, then Alma had to run to a karate class she put Junior in after the bullying situation so we left to go teach Mariana. We talked to her about General Conference :) (by the way-I can't believe that's coming up in a few weeks!!! I might get to go!!) that evening we found out Sister Funaki's birthday was on Friday sooooo we rounded up the Elders and we all went to Sister Andrews' house and made rice Krispy treats and cards for her :)

Friday was really good because.....we got to go to the temple again!!! The new missionaries hadn't gotten a chance to go yet so we drove the sisters up there and met the Elders there too. Also that morning we went to the church and had a district breakfast for Sister Funaki's birthday :) Elder Smith is super healthy (he doesn't eat sugar) and he made us flax seed pancakes with some sort of peanut butter-ish syrup. It was good! I'm actually surprised, I've been pretty healthy this transfer-we stopped buying snacks and if we get hungry during the day we eat apples (and I have mine with organic peanut butter!!). I've also started loving smoothies and yogurt. In fact, I asked Elder Smith where I could buy granola for my yogurt and he just made me some! So on Friday morning he gave me this container of granola! It's super good and I actually sometimes eat it as a snack! Anyways, we had a great trip to the temple (no accidents-thank goodness!) When we got back, we did lots of finding. It was weird though, there's this family we've been trying to find. They're part Hispanic and from what we've been told they're less active. Anyways, so we knock on this door and there's suuuuper loud music playing and the husband finally comes to the door. (He's white by the way) and so we introduce ourselves as the missionaries and he got super defensive and was like "well we're members already" and my companion was like "yeah we teach members too!" And he was just like well we aren't interested so we left but it was such a weird feeling. Some people just have weird vibes I guess. 

Saturday was a day full of service!!! At 10 we helped the West Stake YW Presidency set up for an event they were having that evening. Each year they have this YW Medallion fancy dinner thing to recognize the girls who have gotten their medallions this year. (UTAH.) Anyways, that was super fun. After that, we went to the Otero's house and signed our names and put our handprints on their new cement! It was awesome!!! I am forever in Eagle Mountain now :) 
Then, we went to the animal shelter for the first time in forever (since this week/past weekend have been kinda crazy). It was awesome, there were so many volunteers there! Someone that morning had just tied a dog up outside their house saying they didn't want the poor thing so we played with her, then helped a lot with food preparation for the animals and then brushed out the horses. From the animal shelter we went and changed and went straight to the YW dinner (we were invited and they really wanted us to come). It was so fancy! They had our names on the table and everything!! Haha so we sat with the English sisters and listened to the talks about personal progress and ate a fabulous meal (actually to be honest I didn't eat much of it haha). It was cute, the little deacons were the "waiters" and they served our food hahaha. The dessert was the best part though-I've fallen for chocolate covered strawberries!! Yuuuummm!!! 

Sunday was pretty good, we had an awesome branch council. Sometimes it still blows my mind that I'm a missionary and that I'm almost 20 and I'm participating in branch councils. That's crazy. It also sorta blows my mind how much I've grown to get to know and love each of the members in our little ramita. I'm going on my 3rd transfer here! Wooooah! Mariana was at church-with her boyfriend and chamacos! And she stayed for 2 hours! I was so happy! 
We spent the third hour in Primary helping out again. I sat with Alma's daughter, Alize so her mom could go to relief society without her hanging on her arm. That night we had dinner with the Querales family aaannnnd I'm starting to think my appetite has shrunk down like 2 sizes cause I could hardly finish my dinner for the second night in a row!

We have a super busy week this week, president interviews, our branch talent show, and lots of other stuff! But something super exciting that's going to start happening this week is training for the Payson Open House! ALL sisters in our mission will be involved with that and we are getting a ton of training for it. We will all be tour guide-ish people and I'm sooooo excited!! The Payson Temple is beautiful and it's not every day you get to show non members around the temple! It's the first of 2 temples being opened in my mission this year-that NEVER happens! What a time to be alive :)

It's been a little bit of a difficult few weeks but it's amazing what just powering through and trying to have a good attitude and an optimistic outlook can do. So keep your head up and keep smiling!! :)

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