Monday, March 23, 2015

The One With Friday the 13th

Well this has certainly been an interesting week. It was full of a lot of miracles and a lot of crazy things happened. The whole thing actually feels like one big blur!

On Monday we had our Mink Farms appointment cancel, so we went over to the Otero's house for FHE. It was SO fun!! We talked about how heavenly father answers our prayers (Brother Otero taught the lesson) then we split up into teams and played pictionary. My team was me, Bro Otero, Hailey, and David against Sister Ricks, Mariana, Sis Otero, Leilani, and Christopher. Our team totally won though :) After that, we left to do some finding and we had the distinct impression to go to the animal shelter and share a message with Karen and her husband. It was really strange going out there when it was dark and Karen was very surprised to see us. It was weird being there in church clothes! Haha but it was awesome, we showed them a video about Christ and talked to them about their history with the church (they're inactive). They were very open with us and it was a great discussion. Karen was so sweet, she said she appreciated the help we gave her each week and said she feels different when we're over. We bore our testimonies and I think it meant a lot to them that we stopped by. Though we won't be teaching them, because they're not Spanish, it was a good experience. 

On Tuesday we helped the Otero's clear out their backyard cause they're putting in a patio. It was fun, and we went out to the dump (THAT was a first for me!) and then Tania (Sis Otero) took us out to Cafe Rio. We had dinner with the Taumoepeau family again, then when we left Sister Ricks was like "let's go get that candy you wanted to give to Junior and stop by Alma's house and drop it off." We didn't think much of it, we just went and got the candy and drove to Alma's. Well, when we got there Alma was outside with the kids. We got out of the car, and Alma did not look very happy. She asked if we had some time, and we went inside and talked. Junior apparently was being bullied on his way home from school and Alma was fuming about it. She was crying and very upset. We just listened to her vent, and I think having us there calmed her down a lot. Needless to say, we were in the right place at the right time. Then we went over to the Otero's and taught Mariana. Hopefully she'll start progressing again, we're seeing her a lot this coming week. 

On Wednesday our new iPads! Woohoo! We had a zone meeting and they gave them to us and we returned the old ones. Then we all went to our DTM chapels to get them all set up. They're super nice, I love mine! On Wednesday we also were finally able to teach a part member family! We'd been trying to find them for forever and we finally were able to teach their daughter, Amy. We taught her the Plan of Salvation! It was great, and definitely a miracle.

Thursday was SUPER awesome because we went to the temple with Alma for the first time!! She's been baptized since September and FINALLY we were able to take her! It was a super great experience. Though I do feel like the workers were a little judgmental with her, because she has bright red dyed hair. But that's okay, it was still a wonderful experience. Afterwards we went to In n Out (yeah....I just got a milkshake and fries hahahah) and then we went back home to teach Mariana again, and then we just had stake correlation meetings the rest of the evening. 

Now....Friday the 13th began quite an interesting weekend. We got up early and went to the temple again as a district. We drove to Mt. Timpanogos and did an 8:45 session. There were soo many elders there! It was like all the missionaries decided to go on the same day. Anyways, it was fantastic and after it was over we went outside and took some pictures (there were like a billion weddings going on that day-a ton of brides everywhere). Then we decided to go get lunch as a district at this awesome place called Culver's! It was yummy and everything was half off for missionaries, and in addition some random man gave each companionship a $20 gift card! People are so kind!!! But anyways, so we were taking the other sisters (sister funaki and sister diuguid) back to eagle mountain with us but before we left one of the sisters wanted some frozen yogurt so we stopped and she got some, then finally we were on our way home. We were driving on Main St between Lehi and American Fork. We were driving West, and there was traffic on the opposite side of the road, but no traffic where we were driving. Everything was fine, we were driving the speed limit and everything when all of a sudden we see a Cop car shoot out of nowhere on the opposite side of the road. He didn't see us, and T-Boned us. Sister Ricks swerved and we hit a fire hydrant. We were all in shock but Sister Funaki couldn't breathe. Sister Ricks looked at me and was freaking out and was like "was that my fault? Was that my fault?" Luckily there were lots of police cars near us and they immediately saw what happened and came to help us. They got an ambulance for sister Funaki and talked to us. We called Elder Pratt, who's in charge of the mission vehicles and told him what had happened. While the other sisters were in the ambulance we talked to the officers and filled out some paperwork, called our District Leaders and then our mission President. Sister Funaki was okay, so they took her out of the ambulance and Elder Pratt picked us up in one of the mission vans and we drove to the place where they towed our car. We emptied our car out, then drove with him back to the mission office. While Sister Ricks filled out accident reports we loaded our stuff into our new car, then me and Sister Diuguid helped Sister Caldwell out in the mission office and shredded lots of paper. I gotta say, the mission office is such a nice place to be cause everyone is so sweet and loving and it's just nice to be in there. When we were finally finished in there we got in our new car and all decided we should go visit the policeman who hit us and bring him some balloons and candy. So we drove to the grocery store and picked up some stuff (we all got him our dad's favorite candies since we didn't know what men like haha) anyways, while we were at the store, a woman who worked there was talking to us and asked if she could take our picture and send it to our families, so she did, but we told her to not tell them about the accident so they wouldn't worry. So we drove to the hospital, but the police,an wasn't there so we drove to his house. We gave him the stuff, met his wife and family and talked for awhile. He felt extremely guilty and he definitely got it worse than we did. His airbag burned his arm a little but he said he was doing fine. We took a picture with him, then finally drove back home, around 5:30. On the way home we got a call from President, who told us to stay in, take it easy, and call our parents. Sooooooooooo I got to talk to my family!! It was AWESOME. Unfortunately, my parents were in a movie and didn't get a call until my dad got up to go to the bathroom and as he got up he saw that President was calling. So, they found out from President first. My dad said that they talked for awhile and President told him how great of a missionary I was and that I was super enthusiastic and sweet. Nonetheless, it wasn't the best way for my parents to find out. But finally they called me back and I talked to them. Then we went to bed early.

On Saturday morning we helped a family in our branch move (yeah, not the best idea for us). It was fun, but we are really feeling it today. The Zone Leaders and our District Leaders were there to help out too. Then we went over to the Andrews house and helped out with her daughter's farewell preparations. After that we went to the Sisters apartment to sign a card for one of the senior couples that is finishing their mission. When it was dinner time, Vero dropped off some food for us and the plan was that we would go back over to the Sisters apartment and relax there for a little while but plans changed and while we were waiting for some dumb reason we drove up to take some pictures of the sunset on the mountain, and it went well until we were driving back and hit a huge rock. Unfortunately it popped our tire, so the elders had to come help us put the spare on and today we're going to get it fixed in Lehi. It wasn't very fun and honestly if I didn't like cars before I reeeally hate them now.

Everyone's been really sweet to us, the elders are going to bring some homemade ice cream by and everyone has just been so nice. To be honest, I'm still in a lot of pain from whiplash (I think I've gotten in one car accident too many in the past few years) My neck is just sore and I feel like I've been beat up. Sunday was actually worse than Saturday as far as pain goes. It's just weird, even though I've gone through this before this time I'm having pain in my chest and I'm getting short of breath easily. I hate being broken though soooo part of me just wants to power through it. But we might call the nurse tomorrow. My companion is in the same shape.

This morning we got up and went to see Jonelle's  (sister Andrews daughter) farewell talk, then we went to our branch. Her talk was amazing, and the whole sacrament meeting was about the Atonement which was awesome. 
Overall I have to say, we were really blessed this weekend. Looking at the damage of the car, things could have been so much worse. Though we're all sore, if the police had hit us in a different spot things could've been a lot different. The Lord does watch out for his missionaries, and now I know it from experience.

Yesterday we had a lesson with Sister Libertini and it was AWESOME. It was about how to recognize the Holy Ghost and discerning the spirit, and we both shared experiences where we've received answers to our prayers. I explained that often our answers are not what we expect, and sometimes we have a "wrestle" with God because we want to do things our way and he has a different plan. I explained the wrestle I had with my mission call and how much Heavenly Father blessed me, even when I very much did not want to do what he wanted. We also talked about how she needed to be reading the Book of Mormon with faith that she'll find answers to her prayers. It was actually cool, she said when she read that she felt like she was just reading a history book but she explained that she found a Book of Mormon in one of the boxes of books she sells, and she was flipping through it and reading some of it and there was a ton of stuff marked and some wonderful annotations that made her think maybe she should be reading her scriptures differently. It was like Heavenly Father just handed her an answer hahahah a. But the spirit was really strong during the whole lesson and we left feeling really good about it. 

Then, we had dinner with Presidente Perez!! It was the most fun I've had all weekend for sure. I ATE MY FIRST HAMBURGER. Haha they made some sort of special famous hamburger for us and we had a blast eating with them. They are such a hilarious family and we spent awhile playing with his baby daughter, Emma (she has the biggest cheeks I've ever seen!) we also had some pretty awesome cheesecake. I honestly haven't laughed that hard in a long time, their kids crack me up. (Except laughing kind of sucked cause every time I laughed my chest and my back hurt :/) 
Then we went to Jonelle's drop-in and later the Elders came too and it was a fun time with everyone. 

We're supposed to have a Zone Activity today but I'm not sure we'll have time to go cause we're driving up to Lehi.

I hope all of you have had a wonderful week. My time's out so I have to run but I love you all so so soooooooo much!!!

Update--I'm not getting transferred, and neither is my companion.

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