Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I turned 2 months today!!!

Hola mis maravillosos amigos y familia!!! :)

Sorry there was no group email last week, I typed up this long email
but it didn't save :( but that's okay!
So today officially marks 2 months that I've been out here! Time flies
SOOOO fast!! So crazy! Christmas was fantastic, we got snow, tamales
and nice packages :) plus skyping our families was fantastic!

This week has been wonderful!!! For New Years we went over to the
Otero/Sumano family's house and we ate dinner and played games there.
I LOVE being at their house. I feel so at home and there's so much
love in that home. So a little bit of background info on their family.
Brother Otero is our Branch Mission Leader and he's hilarious. He's a
utah highway patrolman and he's just so sarcastic. But he's also
pumped about missionary work and helps us out a lot. His wife is
Tania, who's in the primary presidency. She's wonderful and so loving.
They have 3 kids, who are super awesome. Brother Otero wants me to
start teaching them en español so I can practice and learn Spanish
which will be awesome. Tania has two brothers whose families also live
with them. One of her brothers is Josue, who was just baptized last
week and married the week before. He's an amazing and spiritual man.
His wife is Vero, who isn't a member yet (but I have a feeling she'll
join soon ;)) Josue has an older daughter named Anaid who isn't a
member but we taught her a few times. Unfortunately she moved back to
California so we are getting her in touch with the missionaries over
there :)  Josue and Vero together have a little girl named Bryanna who
is SO cute and she's always making me laugh. They're a spectacular
family and I can't wait to see what's in store for their little
family. Tania's other brother is Erick, who isn't a member. His
girlfriend/wife/fiancée is Mariana and they both have two older kids,
Christopher and Hailee who are incredibly intelligent. Erick isn't
interested in the gospel but we're teaching his wife and kids. They're
also a great family.
So basically we spend lots of time at the Otero's place because
there's lots of work to be done there:)

We've also spent a lot of time with our recent convert Alma. She's
wonderful. I love her so much. She's so sweet and for Christmas she
gave us both slippers. She loves having us over. Her husband is a less
active, and they have two sweet kids. We've had a few family home
evenings with them, which has been super fun :) on New Year's Day we
went to her house and she fed us the MOST delicious meat I had ever
tasted in my life. It reminded me so much of Mexico, and I think I
gained 12 pounds just looking at it hahaha anyways we also taught her
a small lesson and played Loteria (Mexican bingo!) with her and her
kids. It was a blast.

On Saturday night my comp and I found out we needed to teach sharing
time for primary and I had already been asked by Sis Otero to do music
time, so we spent all Sunday with the primary kids which I was really
nervous about buuut it turned out to be so much fun! I love learning
the spanish Primary songs with them :)  That night we went over to the
Otero's to teach Josue. It was a fantastic lesson and by the end Vero
was tearing up. I even contributed a little bit to the lesson in
Spanish which I was real proud about! Hahaha but seriously every time
we teach Josue I'm reminded of why I'm a missionary. It was a very
very spiritual evening.

I just also wanted to share how much I love this gospel and how much I
love my Savior. I know it's after Christmas, but if any of you haven't
seen the video "He is the Gift" I beg you to go watch it, and if
you've seen it I want you to watch it again. It doesn't matter that
it's not Christmas anymore, we can ALWAYS share this wonderful gift
all year long. It's a gift that lasts forever. The gift of the
Atonement has blessed my life more than anything. It's blessed me in
some of the hardest moments in my life and I know my Savior is real
because he has pulled me through every hardship I've ever been through
and I know he helps each and every one of you. He LOVES you. And that
love is never going to go anywhere no matter what you may do or where
you may go, he will always love you. The Spanish language is really
beautiful because in Spanish, the video is called "El Es La Dádiva"
normally, the word gift in Spanish is Regalo, but they used "Dádiva"
which changes the meaning slightly in a wonderful way. Dádiva means a
gift given voluntarily which is EXACTLY what Jesus Christ is. He is
the best gift. I love him with every fiber of my being and I'm
grateful for him every single day. Please remember that.

I love you all and hope you have a absolutely wonderful week!!!

Hermana Segle :)

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