Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hola from Eagle Mountain, Utah!!!

Wow. I can't even believe I'm actually in the field now!! I am in a Spanish branch in Eagle Mountain, Utah. It's about 45 minutes from Provo, and it's like in the middle of nowhere but it's BEAUTIFUL. The mountains are unbelievable and there's so much empty land. It's wonderful. 
First things first before I forget though...If you need to send me anything, SEND IT TO THE MISSION HOME. 
The address is 85 North 600 East Provo, Utah 84606. They forward all the mail to my address. :)

Anyways. So, my companion is Hermana Gonzalez. She is AHHHMAZING. She's a native Spanish speaker and she's been helping me out so much. I've been understanding a lot of what people have been saying (although sometimes I'm just completely lost) but I've been struggling with actually speaking in lessons. Hopefully I'll do better about that this week. This weekend has actually been kind of crazy because we had Zone Conference on Thursday (we watched It's A Wonderful Life and they gave us T-shirts and a specialized temple recommend holder specifically for our mission, painted by Simon Dewey-soooo cool!!) Anyways, so that was super fun and we got a great meal and everything. Then, on Saturday night there was a WEDDING for one of our investigators! We helped them set up, and they are just an amazing family. The wedding was so fun and I got to meet some new people! Also, hispanic weddings are super cool and they have lots of sweet traditions! The husband who got married is also getting baptized this coming Saturday, which I might have to play the piano for, but we'll see. I'm so excited! On Sunday we had church, and it was the Christmas program which was super sweet cause all the primary kids sang. I also had to get up to the pulpit and introduce myself which was absolutely terrifying but somehow I made it and it didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought it would be. Then, last night we had dinner with a family from the Dominican Republic and it was super fun and the food was really delicious!! 

This week is CHRISTMAS which I am really excited about because I get to skype with mi familia!! We will be going over to our mission leader's house and celebrating with them so it will be a really awesome day. 

I haven't gotten my ipad yet but hopefully I will soon! I will also be a facebook missionary and that should be starting this coming week. 

I'm happy to be hearing from all of you!! I love you all so so so much, and every day I'm reminded of how much I love being an Hermana. 


Hermana Segle :)

Feliz Navidad!

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