Sunday, September 21, 2014

45 days away...

This is my first post ever on my brand spanking new mission blog! My ever-lovely friend Samantha and I came up with the idea for her to run a blog for me while I am away on an 18 month mission in Provo, Utah and I have to say, I'm quite excited about it (both my mission and the blog...). I might be updating it a few times before I leave, but for the most part these posts will be from my mission :)

A couple of things everyone might wanna know about me...

  • I attend Brigham Young University-Idaho (sophomore! eek!!)
    me and my favorite Mom!
  • As of right now, I'm a clarinet performance major and I am a total orchestra nerd!
    that's me playing my clarinet in the BYUI Symphony Orchestra (plus kool-aid hair)
  • I was ironically born in Salt Lake City, so Utah is nothing new to me
  • I spent the majority of my life in Boulder, Colorado and Charleston, SC so I am just the right amount westerner and southerner :)
  • I am the the second oldest of 4 siblings (1 older brother and 2 little sisters)
    I'm on the far right! We're pretty cute, huh?
  • I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ more than anything in the world and am ecstatic to serve my fellow brothers and sisters!
    President Hinckley is just my FAVORITE! 

My countdown on my mission page! I am eternally disappointed in the way the picture I submitted turned out...(yuck!)

this chica will be running my blog while I'm away!!
this chica (my beautiful cousin) will be running my facebook while I'm away!

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